Week 9: Portraits

In class today we learned about portraits and different lighting effects and touched upon various equipment that assist with getting light to hit our subject the way we want it to (examples: lights, softbox/beauty dish/ diffusers/reflectors, flash in combination with the lights…) For these particular class exercise we shots these images in studio with various lights and a softbox.  Different focal lengths and aperture settings also aid in creating the portrait effect we want to achieve. I particularly liked the different types of portraits we learned in class such as; Rembrandt, Butterfly lighting, Split lighting to name some. I am a bit surprised my entry-level DSLR shot these! And truthfully, I would have loved to experiment a bit more with the lighting equipment and take more shots, but with the time limitations and so many of us taking shots, this was not possible. Perhaps over break I can experiment? With the reflector use in the window shots and outdoor (in the shade) shots….I noticed a massive difference when we used the reflector indoors (please see week 10 for those shots).

But as I learned from the first day of this class, you don’t need fancy lenses and a really expensive camera to do most things. The shots below are what most camera’s do at their basic level — with the correct settings. I found this class exercise interesting because I really underestimated how the positioning of lights and the control of lights affect your image. I remember a while ago, hearing a saying that went something like “photography is painting with light”. After I got home and saw the images and became more curious if the settings were a bit more changed — that phrase came to my mind. Professional photography to me is more than just the camera settings but a mastery of light equipment settings! Not to mention the composition of your photograph. Anyway again to being a bit overwhelmed but happy to have been introduced to all the lighting equipment.

All the way below are the shots we took in class, in studio, for week 9. After that, are the window light shots and natural light shots (in the shade) both sets with reflectors.




Studio – softbox (Rembrandt style)



Studio – 3 lights shots