Week 8: A picture is worth a thousand words


This week we studied narrative photography and we watched a video of a photographer called Jodi Cobb. I wanted to note her name here because I really found her work amazing. Her photos on child slavery stuck with me a few hours after I left class. Which brings me to this narrative essay I came across a few years ago. It is called, “A Mother’s Journey” and it was the 2007 Pulitzer Prize winner. It can be found here: http://imgur.com/gallery/pCaQZ.

When asked to find an example of a Linear and Non-linear photo essays I knew that this was going to be one of them. I remember my reaction to first seeing them and when I saw them. It was late at nite and I was just randomly hitting links on reddit and I think I was in a good mood too — but how in just a few minutes upon seeing the images how my mood took a dramatic turn. I was crying at my laptop. And really, this thing…those images…my sadness for the boy…my sadness for this poor mother….my anger and questioning of a God in the few days after — this was real and what happened to me after seeing these photos. I have seen many beautiful images, and sad and thought provoking but these….just hit me much harder. And I think it was because they were part of an essay. This also made me realize that is really is possible to say so much visually without actually saying a word. Photography can be extremely powerful.

For the non-linear essay I chose this:

The photos of just how much damage ISIS did and capturing their “culture” by the little details such as a children’s bag carrying explosive elements and the blurring of Western cartoons on walls — all the little details that help capture more than just physical damage…this photo essay captured strong emotions of people that are non-existent in the photos. Not an easy thing to do. Details matter in photographs.

As I look at these two I think to myself how I will try to incorporate that in my colour linear photo essay.


Below are some shots I took in class:



Exercise Photo Essay: “Sneaking up upon intelligence”



…and <drumroll> my WIP: