Week 7: Colour

For this class exercise, we experimented with the White Balance setting on our DSLR’s (and important to note on Nikon cameras there is no tungsten setting so you must select “incandescent”). And just how important is White Balance? By being more accurate with the white balance setting you choose for your shot, the more accurate the colours will be — less editing for you. It affects the colour temperature of your photograph. Below are the various lighting conditions we shot in. I liked doing these exercises because when I put the images together on this blog, side-by-side (especially in the bottom 4 categories…), I definitely saw a temperature difference. Also, it is important to note that you shouldn’t do a setting according to what temperature you want the photograph to be but rather what the lighting conditions are.

Title for my Assessment 2 final: “A possible end.”


Full Sun (Click on images to get A,S,ISO info)












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