Week 5: The Light on Things

ISO measures the sensitivity of the image sensor on the camera. Increasing it, you are able to take pictures in low light conditions BUT you run the risk of them becoming grainy (hello….dark iPhone shots of mine…). These exercises are experimentations with various ISO settings in different scenarios. I noticed that the camera lagged when it took a shot with a very low ISO setting (let’s say 100) in a dark area. The image shot super fast with a higher setting and came out more “clear”.

Following all these are 4 shots of our “take-a-picture-of-something-boring-and-make-it-exciting”. I am posting these because I have to but I was really unhappy with them. I would have just loved to experiment with them more and move the pen and then take the photos. But anyway, here they are.




Artificial Light


Low Light


Full Sun


The Red Pen



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